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Facts and focal Points

  • IIJB looks back on 46 years experience in development cooperation.
  • Developed out of the „College of Solidarity“; the institute was solely financed by donations and grants from public funds.
  • It is registered since autumn 1990 as a non-profit association.
  • Until present some hundred courses in Asia and Africa, more than 100 seminars/workshops in Berlin/ Hoppegarten with over 2000 participants from around 80 countries of both continents were carried out.
  • Main focus areas were press, radio and TV-journalist courses; from 1998 concentrating mainly on training of radio and photojournalists.
  • Courses in Germany were conducted within certain themes such as „water is life“, „health means development“, „World cup in Germany“ or „Germany – country of the ideas“ and were supported by enterprises like the Berlin Water company, from organizations like “Médicins sans Frontières”, foundations and the Foreign Office.
  • The best work produced by the course participants was awarded by the supporting institutions or brought to the public’s attention through photo exhibitions.
  • It has been proved that our alumni had good social and job perspectives upon returning to their home countries after completing the IIJB training.